Sell Tickets Online with Shopify & Social Networks: 6 Social Media Tactics that Drive Sales

Events are social, so it makes sense to promote your upcoming event on social networks! Here are 6 social media tactics to help you sell tickets online on Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Check out our new Instagram feed! Follow and like us on Facebook! Check out our new Tweet! We hear and read these exclamatory CTAs or call to action every day!

Considering the importance of social networks, too many marketers tend to do the minimum which is a huge mistake. Setting up a Facebook business page and sharing a few blog updates is not enough, especially if you don’t care to build an audience.
The whole point to win at social media is to put an effort to understand how each social network works and implement a well-planned strategy to achieve the results you want.
For promoting an event, using the power of social media can push your ticket sales up! Events are social so it makes sense to promote your upcoming event on social networks.
ne click away from your Facebook or Instagram customers.
In this article, we will share 6 social media tactics that drive sales and will help you sell tickets online on Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter:

➢ Encourage social sharing through promo codes

It is in your guest’s interests to get friends or family to purchase tickets to your upcoming event. Let’s face it – events are more fun when you know someone who is going. In order to encourage social sharing, we recommend you to offer small discounts on tickets when loyal guests or attendees share to social networks. Use promo codes to accomplish this.

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Drive Sales

➢ Use your speaker’s audience:

Get in touch with your performers or speakers before the event and ask them to promote the event through social networks. Also, you can tag the performer or guest in your social media post and ask them to reshare.

➢ Re-share guests photos on Instagram:

Every interaction guests have with your event is an opportunity for you. For example, re-sharing photos is a great way to attract attention. Instagram doesn’t have as much sharing capabilities as other social networks, however, you can always use the photo mentioning option. The friend you just tagged will get a notification informing them of the mention.

➢ Increase engagement on Twitter:

: If you don’t have a popular following on Twitter, use the advertising tools to fire up your efforts. Twitter offers great options to marketers. For example, for increasing engagement, we suggest you use the Tweet Engagements campaign. The campaign is super easy for your target audience to retweet and share some of your favorite ads.

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➢ LinkedIn groups:

This may work for specific niche events, however, it is definitely worth exploring. You have nothing to lose. If you are organizing a marketing conference, LinkedIn is the best social network to promote your event. If you browse through LinkedIn Groups, you will find marketing groups where you can post information about your event.

➢ Repurpose content for effective and long-lasting effects:

If you are already creating content, there is no reason why you shouldn’t share it after or during the event. Repurposing content is an excellent way to gather interest among guests and expose your Shopify store and event brand. This is how you build an audience! For more information on how to boost your sales online, click here.
Set goals, determine your target audience, and hope for a sold-out event! Good luck!

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